400+ overgrown grass complaints already filed in Tuscaloosa

Stoney Sharp reports.

If Coretta McMiller had her way, every lawn would be mowed once a week just like hers.

"I stay up on my grass. I have small kids that play in the yard. I love my yard," McMiller said.

The Tuscaloosa homeowner said she has noticed laziness from neighbors whose overgrown grass is causing her problems.

"At night you're laying down and you hear big gopher rats knocking your dishes down," McMiller explained.

McMiller has reported overgrown grass to Tuscaloosa's 311. So far this year, the city has recorded 429 grass complaints. City Code Enforcement expects 2017 numbers to surpass the 1,518 total grass complaints received in 2016. A warm, rainy winter and spring is one contributing factor for the fast growth.

The city checks out each report, then sends a letter to the property owner.

"If it's not cut in 10 days it's turned over to a contracting company to be cut," said Tuscaloosa Police Lieutenant Darren Beams.

It costs a minimum of $190 for the city's contractor to cut your grass. If you don't pay, a lean is placed on your property. The biggest offenders..

"Lots and vacant residences owned by individuals out of town that may not have someone locally to tend to their property," Lt. Beams told ABC 33/40 News.

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