5 year old Madalyn learns to run on new leg in mobility clinic

Madalyn running.PNG

It was a Saturday boot camp of training for dozens of people who have lost lower limbs. The clinic at Lakeshore Foundation was designed to help amputees learn to walk again and in some cases get a little speed training!

5 year old Madalyn Hines of Wetumpka was all smiles as she received her new prosthesis which will allow her to run. She also got a new bear who like her has a prosthetic leg.

Madalyn's mom says her daughter was born missing part of her leg. She got her first prosthetic leg at 10 months old. With the help of a trainer she's learning to move with the new hardware and took a few spills, but got right back up and pushed on.

The kindergartner plays sports and nothing slows her down! "The biggest thing is seeing other people like her running," remarked mom, Heather Hines, at the weekend clinic.

Also at the Lakeshore gym four-time Paralympian April Holmes who has won a gold medal and two bronze medals. "Being able to be on the medal stand and hear the National Anthem, it wasn't just for me," recalls Holmes.

For so many others who have lost limbs, Holmes is an inspiration. "Just to say hey there's hope, there's a life for you. I can still be involved in athletics and live a healthy lifestyle," remarks Holmes. She wants to push amputees to go the extra mile.

The Ossur Running and Mobility Clinics are hosted around the country along with the Challenged Athletes Foundation at no cost to participants. The goal is to give people more mobility with the message enjoy a "life without limitations."

The Challenged Athletes Foundation has raised more than 80 million dollars. It has also provided grants to more than 18-thousand athletes like Madalyn.

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