90-year-old widow drives RV over 800 miles alone to evacuate Irma

90-year-old Estrellita Izquierdo drives RV more than 800 miles alone with thought of her husband.

Among the millions forced from their homes in Florida is one 90-year old woman who drove her RV to Hoover alone.

ABC 33/40 talked with her on Monday about the long journey. Estrellita Izquierdo, 90, told us she had company on her drive.

Izquierdo told ABC 333/40, "I decided I was going to evacuate before I was forced to evacuate, because I don't have any electricity. I have everything that I need here."

Izquierdo explained she made the 800 plus mile drive from Homestead, Florida by herself. Besides only having a cat, she told ABC 33/40 she kept looking back for another passenger during her drive.

"I thought once I got on the highway, I thought I will put on the radio. Once I turned it on, I turned around and said, "Did I wake you up? I felt like he was right there with me."

Izquierdo pointed to a picture frame on a table inside her RV. "There's my husband, can you see it?"

Estrellita said it's been three years since Raul's death. The couple of 64 years did everything from run a dance company together to being sports massage therapists.

"We worked at the Olympics, Goodwill games, and Pan-Am games," said Izquierdo. The couple eventually earned induction into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

She said to think about his physical absence can be tough. "I loved him very much. We were one person. We worked together. We were never separated," cried Izquierdo.

Since this is a concern for her big family of seven grandchildren and fifteen great-grandchildren, they continue to check-in on her.

"They check to make sure I'm still breathing," Izquierdo said as she laughed. "When we get to be old, people think about that."

But when she goes back home, she says Raul will be there again. "He was there in the chair with me, the whole trip. It was very emotional," explained Izquierdo.

Restaurants will be providing meals through Wednesday for any people at the RV park. Izquierdo said she doesn't have a timetable for when she will go home.

She said her fridge is fully stocked.

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