ABC 33/40 obtains 1,600+ pages Gov. Bentley provided for impeachment investigation

Gov. Robert Bentley (, File)

Governor Robert Bentley says he'll cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation against him.

Bentley turned over more than 1,600 pages of documents to the committee ranging from letters to schedules to flight logs.

In response to a public record’s request, Bentley’s Office released the documents to ABC 33/40. We are working to sort through the pages, which begin with records that led to the firing of Alabama Law Enforcement Secretary Spencer Collier. We are checking it for sensitive, personal information before posting in on our website. As we sort through it, we will post it.

Collier was the first to accuse Bentley of having an affair with former senior advisor Rebekah Mason.

At the time, Bentley apologized for an inappropriate relationship with Mason but said they never had an affair and that no government resources were used for the relationship.

The relationship is now front and center in the House Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation.

Bentley turned over the 1,688 pages of documents to the committee last Tuesday.

The committee is looking for more information. It sent subpoenas to Bentley, Mason and others requesting documents ranging from tax returns to bank records to cell phone records. It said they have until October tenth to answer them.

Monday, Bentley questioned the constitutionality of the committee's subpoena power and said he will challenge it.

“They voted themselves power the constitution doesn't allow,” said Bentley. “They voted themselves power and gave it to a private lawyer in Birmingham to call individuals, private citizens of this state before that group. And to question private citizens and what they could ask of them could be made public, this is frightening. This should be frightening to the people of this state.”

Bentley says he does plan to cooperate.

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