American University students protest election results, students burn American flag

American University students protest election results, students burn American flag (ABC7)

A protest outside the Mary Graydon Center on American University's main campus attracted both Clinton and Trump supporters on Wednesday afternoon. One student wrote on Twitter that some people were yelling “America is dead” and “America doesn’t represent me”.

“Donald Trump is not my president, even though I live in this messed up world,” said Isaiah Young, who burned an American flag on Wednesday afternoon at American University. “This was a last resort, I felt like I was being backed into a corner, if that makes sense.”

“About 200 students convened this afternoon in a protest to express their reactions to the presidential election outcome. The university supported the free expression of views on all sides of the political spectrum. The expressions were at times heated, but peaceful and safe. The university does not condone the burning of the American flag even though the act is protected speech,” said Camille Lepre, who is a spokesperson for the university.

“I’m really nervous and anxious about the level of division and vitriol that I see and I am worry that this is the start of a lot more frenzy,” said student Dominick Mortarotti. Mortarotti voted for Clinton.

Trump supporters who watched the protest are hoping that their will soon be unity on campus and across the nation.

“It hurts to see this anger, it hurts to see this fear….I believe it will die down and I think we need to stand together during these next four years and not continue to be divided….but continue to take this angry and make it solidarity,” said student Alex Gugliuzza.

Some people were also offering free hugs at the protest and reminding everyone about resources available for people who would like to express themselves in private space.