Anonymous parent covers little league registrations; others step to the plate as well


Thanks to an anonymous Sylacauga Little League Baseball parent, registration for baseball this spring will be free.

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, came forward on Friday. Since then, parents like Joseph Elson have been amazed as to their generosity.

"It kind of makes us want to do back flips down Main Street here in Sylacauga," Elson said. "It's really great that someone has the assets to be able to put it towards a great cause. The kids will notice that, and it's going to make them want to get out here and help a little bit more as they progress through and get a little bit older. This is somebody who could do other things with their money and time, but they want to put the effort here in little league because they know what little league produces, not just in the community but in the nation as well."

Since then, the Sylacauga Little League Board said other families have come forward to help the cause as well.

They sent the following statement to ABC 33/40:

A couple of local families who have kids participating in Sylacauga Little League have pledged to help support our effort to keep Little League alive in our community. They see this organization as a very significant part of their kids lives as well as the other kids in the community. They want to do what they can to ensure that participation is strong this year and hopefully help to keep our numbers strong for years to come. Additionally, these people wish to remain anonymous at this time in order to stay out of the politics of this situation and keep the focus solely on the growth and development of the youth in our community.In the last week, since the public meeting with the council, there have been many people reach out to us and offer to help financially and otherwise. We are very grateful for this and believe that this outpouring of support will continue. Our sole focus has been and will continue to be on the youth of our community as well as to respect the thousands of coaches and volunteers that have supported Sylacauga Little League since 1953.

Registration for baseball is set for Feb. 1, 2 and 5 at the armory.

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