Army Captain returns home after deploying overseas right after his wedding


After more than 200 days apart Alabama newlyweds are now reunited. A lot of emotion Saturday at the Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport as Rashaeda Brimley welcomed home her husband Captain John Brimley.

Captain Brimley found out about a week before their wedding he was being deployed overseas to help with missions in Kuwait and Syria. The couple married October 1st, 2016. They had a quick honeymoon and Captain Brimley was gone about two weeks later.

Rashaeda said Saturday was like her wedding day all over again, "we didn't get much time past the, time to honeymoon all over again as well." She also told us her husband's deployment was one of the hardest times of her life. Captain Brimley said, "thank my family and friends for being a shoulder for her to lean I appreciate the support as well as Americans' support.

Now that he's home Captain Brimley said he's most looking forward to spending quality time with his wife and family and eating home-cooked southern food.

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