Autocar Trucks to build manufacturing plant in Jefferson County, creating over 700 jobs

Gov. Ivey announced Autocar Trucks will build a new manufacturing plant in Jefferson County

Autocar, a trucking company based out of Indiana, is moving into Jefferson County with a project that will create 746 new jobs.

Governor Kay Ivey made the announcement Wednesday at the Birmingham Business Alliance.

Autocar moved in to a one million square foot plant in off Highway 79 in Center Pointe. Parking for the plan stretches into Birmingham city limits.

The Indiana- based company produces trucks made for jobs, including garbage trucks and cement pumping trucks.

“What do our trucks do? They pump concrete, they pick up refuse,” said Jimmy Jonhston, President of Autocar. “They’re cranes. They move cargo and many more things. So if you think of a truck going down the road and it’s really a tool to do a job, you can think of Autocar as doing that.”

“My goal is for every Alabamian who wants a job to have one,” Governor Kay Ivey said at the announcement. “But not just any job. I want them to have a job they're well qualified for and pays a good salary.”

Even before Wednesday’s announcement, Autocar began hiring employees to start production.

The average salary for the new jobs is $58,656.

“That’s all positions from assemblers to management. Engineering jobs will also result from this,” said Birmingham Business Alliance President Brian Hilson.

Applicants are already lining up for the work.

Marcus Strong has been looking for a job for a month. He says that job search hasn't been easy.

“it's hard when you feel like you don't have any opportunities,” said Strong.

He went to AIDT workforce development center looking for help.

Strong learned Autocar is creating 746 new job opportunities in Jefferson County.

“It's a blessing,” said Strong. “I'm glad. I never thought an opportunity like this would be available. It came out of nowhere so I'm trying to take full advantage of the opportunity before it's gone.”

Autocar Chairman Andrew Taitz says they looked at many states and sites before choosing Birmingham.

“Among the virtues Birmingham provides to Autocar are access to great business environment including supportive business partners, strong state and local government partners, a very skilled workforce that has blown us away at how impressive they are, enhanced proximity to our customers and suppliers, reliable production resources, world class education institutions,” said Taitz.

Trucks built in Alabama will include garbage trucks and terminal trucks which are used inside large warehouses.

The company is creating both trucks and new hope for people like Strong.

“It gives me new life,” said Strong. “It gives me hope. For a long time, I've been unemployed and I felt like giving up so this is giving me another chance and motivates me a little more.”

Hilson calls this major news for Jefferson County.

He expects an additional 1,800 indirect jobs to be created by Autocar's move to Birmingham by companies like suppliers.

Hilson expects this to open the door for more future opportunities.

“When a large project puts its stamp of approval on a community, that sends a signal to others that our community is open for business, our state is open for business, and it also signals to the suppliers of Autocar that there may be a direct reason for them to be here,” said Hilson.

More information about Autocar job opportunities can be found here:

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