Bats cause Cleburne County school to send students home

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Bonnie Whitten wasn't expecting her granddaughter to get home early from school Monday afternoon.

"My granddaughter had to come to my house because of the bats," said Bonnie Whitten.

Bats were discovered at Fruithurst Elementary much to the surprise of students and staff, including Whitten's granddaughter.

"She comes running in and she says I went in the bathroom and I came running out screaming because there were bats all over the bathroom," she said.

Cleburne County Schools Superintendent Chad Young confirmed a couple of bats were found in the school and caught shortly after.

"Upon some more thinking and investigating we decided to send the kids home as a precaution to make sure everybody was safe," Young said.

Whitten said she's glad that call was made just in case.

According to Young, a message will be sent out Monday night with a final decision of whether or not students will return to school Tuesday.

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