Birmingham baby home safe before Amber Alert issued


A baby is reunited with her mom after a frantic search Friday morning in Birmingham.

Joytoria Breeding woke up around seven Friday morning with her daughter missing from the bed she'd placed her in."

Breeding says she had no idea what happened to her four-month-old daughter.

“I was scared,” said Breeding. “I was nervous. I did cry.”

The search began.

“I made phone calls,” said Breeding. “I got on Facebook messenger. I called some friends.”

She called Birmingham police too.

“Anytime a child is missing we want to be extremely proactive and get the ball rolling as quickly as possible,” said Lt. Sean Edwards with Birmingham Police Department.

Their quick work paid off. By 11:49 A.M., Birmingham Police tweeted that the four-month old baby was located.

But minutes later, an amber alert for the baby flashed across television screens. ABC 33/40 worked to find out why the alert went out after the baby was found.

Here's the timeline:

At 11:09, Edwards sent media an email about the situation, when he knew his team was working to send out an amber alert.

At 11:21, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, ALEA, received the request for an Amber Alert.

At 11:52, ALEA had an email out and messages across TV screens.

ALEA calls the 31-minute process time “acceptable.”

It says analysts must enter information about people and vehicles involved into two separate systems. They must sometimes edit photos to be the correct size. Analysts must also verify that all information is correct. An ALEA spokesman says this takes some time.

Edwards also weighed in on the time it takes to process and sent an alert.

“We want to make sure that this is a legitimate good case and someone was actually missing,” said Edwards. “So, we were doing a little bit more leg work. It probably wouldn't have hurt to notify the state earlier, maybe a few minutes earlier, but again in that time frame, in the time frame we located the child, I don't know if it would have made a big difference.”

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