Smoking gun: Cigarette butt DNA leads to Hoover car burglary arrest

Joshua Lee Ginn, 22 (Tuscaloosa County Jail)

A positive match on DNA extracted from a cigarette butt led to an arrest for a car break-in that happened almost a year prior at Hendrick Chevrolet.

Hoover Police Crime Scene Investigators were called to the car dealership after a customer noticed someone had attempted to steal the radio from his car.

Investigators confiscated a cigarette butt found in the passenger compartment, as the car's owner said he did not smoke. It wasn't until the suspect was arrested in another county on an unrelated charge that Hoover investigators were notified of the positive DNA match.

Joshua Lee Grinn, 22, of West Blocton, was charged with breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, with a $10,000 bond.

Ginn is currently in custody in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on an unrelated charge.

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