Convicted Hoover murderer now eligible for parole in 30 years, judge rules

Brandon Foster will now be eligible for parole 30 years from sentencing.

A man convicted of capital murder in Hoover will now be eligible for parole after a new ruling by Judge Clyde Jones.

Brandon Foster was convicted in the 2008 killing of 52-year-old Doris Bennett, as she walked her dog outside her Hoover apartment.

After a jury found Foster guilty, he was automatically sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Foster was 17-years-old at the time of the crime. Since that time, the United States Supreme Court ruled that you cannot only consider life without parole when sentencing juveniles. The decision applied retroactively, giving inmates like Foster the possibility of a new sentence.

His lawyers were in court last week asking Judge Jones to give Foster a second chance at life outside of prison.

“This Judge took an oath, fifteen years ago from the governor of this State to always follow the law as written, regardless of personal opinions,” Jones wrote. “I have never deviated from that oath and I will certainly not start today. It is therefore the judgment of this Court, that the defendant Foster, is hereby re-sentenced to Life In Prison.”

The change, Judge Jones continued to write, means Foster will be eligible for parole 30 years from sentencing.

Jones said he considered the victim’s family in his decision and he wants Foster to get training in prison to help him later in life.

“Furthermore, while incarcerated, if feasible, the defendant is to obtain his GED, undergo drug evaluation and treatment as necessary and obtain a useful skill or trade while incarcerated,” Jones wrote. “As I close, I have constantly reflected on the victim's daughter words in court, when she stated that everybody deserves a second chance.”

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