Cullman woman fined for stomping out car windshield


It's a story you may remember seeing, Barbara Emily Lowery was caught on camera stomping out a car windshield in early May.

Lowery told ABC 33/40 the car belongs to her boyfriend, though the man said he did't consider them to be in a relationship. Lowery says the incident was the result of the man breaking her John Mayer CD.

Since the video, she says a lot of people have asked her did she really pray before damaging the car.

"I really did pray about it you know I'm very deeply rooted in my faith and we all do make mistakes of course. God isn't just their to thank for the things we do correct or the things we enjoy, but He's there for guidance and help. But we don't always listen to him but we do call on him," Lowery said.

A judge fined Lowery and suspended a 30 day jail sentence.

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