Eating french fries may increase your risk of an early death

Study says eating french fries frequently increases your risk of an early death

French fries. They're hot, salty, and delicious. And they're one of the most popular side items people order with their meals. But they could kill you. A new study says eating fried potatoes is associated with an early death.

The study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says eating fries, and other forms of fried potatoes, can double your risk of dying early.

"One of the things we have to consider when it comes to french fries or any deep fried potato is the additional fat you can consume because of the way it's prepared," says Anna Threadcraft, the Director of Employee Wellness at UAB.

Threadcraft says if you're eating french fries you still get the nutritional aspects of the potato, "potatoes for example are great source of vitamin C and potassium," but you also get the extra salt and fat. "The extra fat can put you more at risk for heart disease and other issues," says Threadcraft.

The study associates an early death with people who eat fried potatoes two or more times a week. So Threadcraft says you don't need to give up french fries. "For the french fry lover I would encourage them to not completely eliminate french fries but to enjoy them in moderation."

She says the same thing goes for any fried food. And she cautions don't eliminate a food just because of one study. "I think it's really important to remember any study around food, that all food can fit. Moderation is the key."

If you are eating baked or boiled potatoes that's ok. The researchers of the new study say an early mortality risk is not linked to unfried potatoes.

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