Father of Fairfield teenager shot to death wants new investigators on case

Fairfield Father

A father, still grieving the loss of his 17-year-old son to violence in Fairfield, says he is losing confidence in the city. Tyron Bennett was shot and killed as he walked with a friend to school last month. No one has been arrested for the crime. Bennett's father, Travis Jones, isn't happy with the way his son's death is being investigated.

Jones just shakes his head.

"Something needs to happen in that city and happen quickly," said Jones. You don't know if you're going to get shot or what's going to go on just passing those couple of miles through that city."

Jones no longer lives in Fairfield, but he has family who does. The fact no one has been arrested for killing his son makes him angry.

"When you start losing kids, 17 years old or 18 years old, it's just sad. It has to stop," added Jones.

Fairfield Police found the 17-year-old shot dead outside his home January 18th.

"I always called him Boo. I have always called him that, he was my boo," added Bennett's grandmother Doris Morris.

Morris still can't get over losing him.

"I expect to hear my phone ring. He always called me. I am just expecting to see him anytime," added Morris.

She, too, waits for police to find his killer. On Wednesday, an 18-year-old boy was shot and killed in Fairfield.

"It's like a trending thing now. We are talking less than four weeks since my son died and another child is dead. I don't understand it at all," added Jones.

Jones has one request.

"I wish I could pull it out of that city," added Jones. "I feel like maybe the county should take over, or another municipality that has the resources and funds to get some answers," added Jones.

ABC 33/40 reached out to Fairfield's Mayor and Police Chief letting both know Jones wants someone else in charge of investigating his son's death. The chief is aware of Jones' concern, offers condolences, but wouldn't comment further.

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