Graduation Blackout: Holt High graduation ends in darkness

Stoney Sharp reports.

Graduation night--under the lights. Erica Gardiner was on the football field at Holt High School right after the ceremony Thursday night.

"There were so many people taking pictures. Graduates with other graduates., parents with their graduates," Gardiner explained.

And then, a graduation blackout. Gardiner tells ABC 33/40 News the school shut the lights off 20 minutes after graduation. She pulled out her cell phone and started rolling.

The moment was described as frenzy on the field. Graduates and families were shocked and upset.

"The small kids didn't seem to understand why the lights were off and then parents were getting concerned trying to keep up with their small children," Gardiner added. "There were elderly people there trying to find their walkers. Why did they rush to turn the lights off so fast and why were they not concerned with everybody's safety? That's a safety hazard. These people then had to go up stairs to get out of this in the dark."

An ending that left Gardiner in the dark.

"Why did they take this joy from these student and families in this time of celebration that will now be looked upon as rushed and belittled," the 2008 Holt High graduate said.

Holt High School's principal would not comment on why the lights were turned off. However, the principal did say the school organized the graduation and she thought it was a wonderful event.

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