"He did like a Mike Tyson or something and he just struck me" man says officer slapped him

Fairfield man slapped on camera

A Fairfield man says he was slapped by a police officer Tuesday afternoon at a local gas station and it was caught on camera.

"He did like a Mike Tyson or something, and he just struck me, know what I'm saying?" Christian Hines said.

Hines says his brothers were getting arrested at a gas station in Fairfield Tuesday afternoon.

He says he wanted to drive his brothers car home so it wouldn't get impounded but says the officer wasn't having it.

"He wasn't even trying to you know what I'm saying, like compromise or nothing," Hines said. "And then he just struck me, like get the "f" on and then (unintelligible) slapped me and I was shocked about it."

Hines says after he was slapped he was taken to jail, but wasn't told what he was charged with.

ABC 33/40 sent a crew to the Fairfield police station for answers but they wouldn't release any information.

Our crew found more of the same at the mayor's office.

Mayor Ed May's assistant said he was waiting to comment until after he discussed the issue with the police chief.

The mayor has yet to make a statement.

Hines says he needs more than just answers, he needs someone to be held accountable.

"For Fairfield to do me like that, I feel like it wasn't right, period at all." Hines said. "I want justice, I was a person that lives in Fairfield and you're supposed to protect us in Fairfield, you ain't supposed to be coming around here and slapping nobody,"

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