Hoover doctor's office raided as part of DEA investigation

The DEA executed a search warrant at Hoover Alt MD on August 22nd.


ABC3340 News has learned Dr. Elizabeth Korcz went before the Medical Licensure Commission today in Montgomery. The State Board of Medical Examiners has recommended Dr. Korcz's medical license be revoked. The hearing was set well before yesterday's raid and is a separate investigation.

See the complaint against the doctor below. It outlines allegations of excessively dispensing of controlled substances, unprofessional conduct, practicing medicine in a manner to endanger the health of patients and poor record keeping among other allegations. A ruling should come within a week.


The Alabama Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) executed a search warrant on August 22nd at the Hoover Alt MD Family Wellness & Spa on South Shades Crest Road.

FBI, the Hoover Police Department, and the Alabama Pharmacy Board are taking part in the ongoing investigation. As of now, no one has been taken into custody.

Brett Hamilton with the DEA says "as long as doctors continue to over-prescribe or prescribe without a legitimate medical need the DEA will continue to investigate."


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