Hours after their teammate was laid to rest, they took the field

Cullman High School Baseball

Hours after their teammate was laid to rest, the Cullman High School baseball team played in their first game since his death on Sunday.

When Cullman ball players entered the ball park Thursday, they were wearing the initials of the team member they lost on their chest, and even when they took it off he was still with them on the field.

"Curt was everybody's biggest fan," Coach Brent Patterson said.

Curtis Wilson died in a head-on car wreck Sunday. He was buried Thursday before the game.

"That brings us in clear perspective of how precious life is and how each day's a gift," Patterson said.

He says each day with Wilson on the field was a gift in itself, an inspiration.

"He was against the eight ball, little guy, not a hard thrower but he was determined. He got cut at least once but he kept coming back, kept coming back," Patterson said.

Just like Wilson, his teammates aren’t letting his memory get cut from their minds.

"We are going to remember a great friend of ours, a great kid," Patterson said.

They hung his jersey in the middle of the dugout, wrote his initials on their wrist, even on their hats.

It was their way of honoring their friend, keeping him in the moment he would never get to see.

"What we really want to do is honor him in a way that he would enjoy and the way we do that is by having a whole lot of fun with each other," Patterson said.

As Cullman players rounded bases, passing home plate to a victory, they carried Wilson along with them.

"You feel so helpless and any little bitty thing that we can do just to say hey look were with you, we mourn with you, we grieve with you, we celebrate with you because of the kid he was; it’s just uh, man I know it’s small in gestures but it’s huge for us and it helps our guys, it helps me and hopefully it helps the family too," Patterson said.

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