Hundreds, holding flags, line the highways to support family of soldier killed

Hundreds lined Highways 31 and 150 for the homegoing of a well-decorated iraqi war veteran. Jonathan Gilotti was killed outside his Lake Cyrus home. The lieutenant survived the Army. He fought in Kuwait and Iraq. The soldier earned several medals and the Bronze Star. Years after Gilotti took off his uniform, he was killed by gunfire. The Hoover community, most of whom did not wear a uniform, stood with flags to show respect.

Flags of our nation in every size were held by people of all ages.

"This is the only way I know how to show the respect for him. It is a sad thing," said Wanda Boles.

A sad thing making for a great time of reflection no matter how old.

"He understands. He realizes he's lucky and I am lucky to be here with him," said Robert Corville.

Someone shot the soldier Tuesday as he left his Lake Cyrus home headed for the gym.

"I've done the same thing. I've got two boys. I've gotten up early in the morning to go work out at the YMCA just like him at 5 o'clock," added Corville.

Investigators hope to find the the killer.

So many, including some of the bravest here at home, watched Gilotti's family and friends leave home for the church.

Many more packed Riverchase United Methodist Church for the funeral.

"Sometimes we forget how hard it is for families that lose someone. We should show support. He served our country, went and fought for us. I think the least our community could do is come out and show our support," said Kirstin Hoff.

All wonder how a husband and father of two could survive combat and be killed here at home.

"If anything is going to happen, that would be where it would be. It is a sad thing he just walked out of his door and was gone. It's sad. It is very sad," added Boles.

Church staff told ABC 33/40 Gilotti's wife will bury her husband in Foley. Heather Higgins Gilotti gave a statement to ABC 33/40.

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