Health department won't investigate complaints at Tuscaloosa apartments. So who will?

Carpet in Evolution Campus Villages

Days after students found deplorable conditions in off campus apartments on move-in day it sounds like management is working to resolve the problems but they have not fixed everyone's issues yet. Wednesday some residents told ABC 33/40 their apartments had been cleaned and carpet had been replaced. Other residents were moved into alternate units that did not have any problems.

But there's more residents who said they are still waiting for their issues to be addressed and they believe some of those issues are health concerns. Jordan Logan says he has mold in his pantry. It's just one problem he walked into on move-in day Saturday. "The bathroom was unusable the bedroom was un-liveable just because of the amount of dirt in there." Logan says he and his family cleaned most of the apartment but the mold needs to be taken care of professionally. "There's still a good amount of mold."

Brennan woods moved in long before Saturday and is also dealing with a mold problem. "They've known about it but they haven't done a single thing about it at all."

Monday the health department told ABC 33/40 they do not go onto private property So what are your options? The city of Tuscaloosa's property maintenance inspector, Barry Junkin, said the inspection department will deal with these types of issues, but there is a procedure to follow. He said you must first file a complaint with the apartment management. Then state law says they have 14 days to fix the problem. If they don't fix it within those two weeks you can call the city's inspection department.

Jordan says that's a long time to wait when it comes to mold. "Two weeks is too long to wait in terms of health. I really don't want to get sick these first couple weeks of classes."

Woods is happy there's someone to ask for help outside of this apartment complex. "It is a major health hazard, I believe the proper steps should be taken to rectify the issues."

Junkin said he believes Campus Evolution Villages will take care of all the issues before the two week deadline is up. He said they have never had complaints about this complex until now. Junkin said the complex is less than 10-years-old and it's unusual to have complaints of this nature in something so new but he believes it happened because new management got caught off guard.

If you have an issue you've filed a written complaint with apartment management about and they have not fixed it within 14 days you can reach the inspection department at 205-248-5121.

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