Lake Cyrus community take steps to enhance security day after war veteran is found dead

Mike Gilotti (Family photo)

People who live in a community where a decorated war veteran was killed are looking to protect one another. Homeowners are meeting with Hoover Police. Lake Cyrus homeowners are moving almost as fast to keep each other safe as investigators are to make an arrest. Homeowners are having face-to-face conversations with police as they enhance security at their homes.

Mona Zhang moved from China to Hoover almost a decade ago. She considered the Lake Cyrus community one of the safest around.

"I thought everything was safe here as we walk down the street at night or sometimes come in late from work. I also walk my dog even though it's dark," said Zhang.

The shooting death of Jonathan Gilotti is making the Zhang family change their dog-walking routine.

Zhang's neighbors are also changing a few things especially when it comes to security.

"It shocked me, but it did not shake me. If that makes sense," said Sylvester Wilson.

"After what happened yesterday, I am glad I did and am adding a camera for the security system also," added Zhang.

Hoover Police found Gilloti dead outside his Park Side Circle home. Investigators believe thieves breaking into cars shot the former Army lieutenant.

"It is isolated. It doesn't happen very often. It is still horrible and tragic. If it can happen in Lake Cyrus, there is always the possibility it can happen anywhere. That is the sad state of the world we live in today," said Hoover Police Captain Gregg Rector.

Lake Cyrus homeowners plan to address Gilotti's death at a HOA meeting.

"We pay HOA fees. I think we ought to gate this community in, so we can know who's in here," added Wilson.

Bessemer Police found the get-away vehicle Hoover investigators believe the person responsible drove at the time of the shooting. Area law enforcement are still looking for the shooter or shooters. Investigators believe the people responsible are traveling in a dark-colored Jeep Cherokee.

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