Lawmaker proposes resolution condemning Rebekah Mason

Ray Lewis, Gov. Robert Bentley's former head of security detail, has filed a civil lawsuit against his former boss, and his attorney says it's time for the governor to "tell the people of Alabama the truth" about his alleged affair with former advisor Rebekah Mason.

An Alabama lawmaker has proposed a resolution criticizing the staffer at the center of a scandal that led to Gov. Robert Bentley's resignation and apologizing to the state's former first lady and others.

Gov. Robert Bentley resigned from office amid an effort to impeach him in the fallout of an alleged affair with his political adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, a Democrat from Red Bay, on Thursday introduced the resolution to condemn Mason and apologize to the people he said were victims in the scandal.

Morrow initially sought a floor vote Thursday, but agreed to send the resolution to the Rules Committee.

Some lawmakers questioned what it would accomplish.

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