Hoover parents: School funds should not be used to pay for art business

Artists on the Bluff

Some Hoover school parents are angry after learning the school board is spending money on a local business at the old Bluff Park Elementary School.

About 6 years ago Artists On the Bluff made a verbal deal with the school system. The deal: to allow artists to use the Old Bluff Park Elementary School as a studio.

Here's where the kiddos were left out.

Atrists On the Bluff have never paid rent for the space to the school system. They don't even handle the utilities - which according to Hoover Schools Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy was more than $86,000 last year alone. None of that money makes its way back to students.

It's something Hoover father Matthew Davis says doesn't sit well with him.

"Any funds that are kind of taken away from that it's really difficult to keep doing that," said Davis.

Although he does respect the work the artists have done within the community, he doesn't want to see that cash taken from the kids.

As a reference, ABC 33/40 did the math on how many textbooks $86,000 can buy. It's two 2,866. And pencils? In packages of 12, it's about 34,400.

The old school turned art building is a community staple. It was funded with community support in 1923.

But that funding isn't necessarily supported by the community now.

"I'd love to find a way so they can stay there and keep doing what they do - but keep more of the funds going to the students," said Davis.

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