70,000 malware attacks occur globally in less than a day

Over 70,000 attacks have been verified in 90-plus countries in less than 24 hours.

Over 70,000 attacks have been verified in 90-plus countries in less than 24 hours - that's according to cyber security company Avast.

Cyber security expert Daniel Herrera says ransomware is not rare, however this version of it called Wannacrypt0r is different because of how widespread it is.

"It's the biggest one we've see," Herrera said.

And it's not just targeting medical facilities; anyone can be the target of the ransomware.

Here's how Herrera says it works.

"You go to open your file and your files encrypted so you're no longer able to see the date," Herrera said.

You're basically locked out of the computer, until you pay the hacker in an untraceable currency, called Bitcoins.

But they aren't just holding your computer system ransom.

"The infected machines are actually being used to send out emails as well, so it will use your contacts and your contacts' contacts," Herrera said.

He says you can only fix the problem by wiping the computer and backing it up.

And with back-ups taking time to complete, Wannnacrypt0r and ransomware like it, are a major threat to hospitals where minutes could mean lives.

"Backup solutions can be minutes, some can be days or weeks or even months," Herrera said.

The best way Herrera says everyone can avoid these treats, from the individual to the corporation... don't click on emails you aren't expecting especially if you don't know what's in it.

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