National Good Neighbor Day: Police say knowing, talking to neighbors makes you safer

Police say knowing your neighbor makes you safer

Nathan Harmon has lived in his current Hoover neighborhood for two years. "There are certain select neighbors you build relationships with," he said. Harmon is close with his neighbor across the street but said everyone else keeps to themselves.

September 28th is known as "National Good Neighbor Day" but the real estate website Trulia said half of Americans don't even know their neighbors' names.

"I tend to think society as a whole tends to focus on their gadgets and their social media and their select group of friends rather than interacting with the general public," said Harmon.

Officer Brian Hale with the Hoover Police Department said that's a big reason why people don't know their neighbors' names these days. "Going across the street to borrow something from your neighbor we've lost that and I think it'd be great to get back to that because neighbors know their neighborhood better than the police department does."

Officer Hale said when you know who lives nearby, you know who doesn't belong. "Fear of unknown taken out of the equation when people talk to each other." And anything suspicious can be reported right away. "It's that feeling of I'm out of town but I know my neighbor is looking out for me so it's not just feeling safer you are safer."

That's why Harmon thinks everyone could be a good neighbor if they just spent time with the people they live near. "Looking out for each other, taking care of each other, being good friends, helping each other whenever you're in a difficult situation."

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