Power lines cover Hueytown street for hours; parents worry about children's safety

Hueytown storm damage put wires on one street and in front yards of some people.

Some in Hueytown are seeing the very clear signs of what a summer storm can do.

Alabama Power crews worked into the evening to clean up fallen trees and downed power lines. People in the neighborhood said it's a scary situation. Two women told ABC 33/40 it was scary because wires were all over 16th Street North.

40 feet of wires in the middle of a road and laying on a top of a tree. Two women spoke about the shocking sight. One woman took a step out of her front door and couldn't believe what she saw.

Fallen trees and torn electrical wires are signs of the summer storm that shut off one street in Hueytown. Candy Gardner said if seeing it is scary, imagine hearing it. Gardner told ABC 33/40. " It was just like powwww…you know it made that transformer noise."

Gardner said about 5:30 Monday evening, Mother Nature rolled in. She and her two kids were left without power for more than two hours. Upon stepping out her front door, Gardner knew why. "And I got to looking and I saw the wire," right across her driveway she said.

Barbara Smith lives down the road. Smith told us lots of children live on the street. Smith explained, "Very frightening because we have a lot of trees around here that are termite infested that need to come down but we don't have the money to take it down. " Smith worried about their safety after inclement weather because she feels like a grandmother to them. "It makes me sick to my stomach that something could happen to them," said Smith.

The same fear Gardner shared. "It's frightening because you don't know if it (a wire) is live or not and my son is ADHD," said Gardner. "He would have probably run up to it."

An Alabama Power crew member on site told ABC 33/40 shortly after the 10 P.M. live report that power should be restored before midnight to all homes on the street.

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