Shelby County woman accused of faking cancer admits wrongdoing in jailhouse letter


A Shelby County woman accused of faking terminal cancer to collect tens of thousands in donations admits wrongdoing in a jailhouse letter to the prosecutor.

Jennifer Cataldo wrote the one page letter to a Deputy Attorney General in response to a civil court petition for the contents of a USAmeribank account.

Cataldo wrote “please take all of the money and let the process of contributing to paying back of the money that I stole from each victim and organization.” Her letter continued “I will live with the horrible decisions I have made, but I wish to right the wrongs and be a much more honest and contributing member of society, so please take every bit of money that was not mine to start with.”

Prosecutors said they have now begun the process to seize the $1,987.43 from the bank account. They know it won’t be near enough to make restitution to everyone who gave more than $33,000 to two different GoFundMe accounts Cataldo started in 2016 with her fake cancer scheme.

Police arrested Cataldo on state charges on May 5th. She’s now also facing federal fraud charges.

Her letter in the civil case ends by saying she “has agreed to all guilt and wants nothing more than to plead for forgiveness and do what is right in the eyes of God and the courts.”

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