St. Clair Co. residents remember football coach who was stabbed to death


Tuesday night, the community gathered together at a St. Clair Co. high school to remember and honor beloved Odenville school staff member Michael Collins.

Collins was a librarian at Odenville Middle School, who had just started to help coach the high school football team.

On Monday, Collins was found stabbed to death in his home.

Friends and co-workers spent more than an hour talking about the impact Collins left on the people in the community and how much he will be missed.

Although the vigil has concluded, it's not community's last time to say goodbye.

Friday at the first football game of the season, plans are in place to have a balloon release at 6:30 PM at the 50 yard line of the field.

People wishing to take part in the balloon release are asked to bring their own balloons.

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