Truck drivers talk road conditions after fatal Anniston accident

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It's been one week since another fatal accident at an Anniston intersection, that has prompted city and state leaders to take action.

Especially for tractor trailers.

Ben Thomas has been driving tractor trailers for 26 years. He was not too familiar with the intersection of U.S. Highway 431 and Coleman Road , but says truck driving isn't always easy.

"Getting behind the wheel of a truck and just you have to have the mentality for it," he said.

And a lot of training.

"It takes twice as much or more than three times as much to slow the big truck as it does a car," Thomas said. "A car can just hit the brakes."

Thomas told ABC 33/40 there are factors that can affect the drive that truckers can't avoid, like steep hills and cars.

"We are coming down a gradient and there's a red light or stop sign at the bottom of the hill... cars sometimes come around and cut in front of us," he said.

That can make the stop even harder, along with rainy conditions or even equipment failure.

"They can over heat from coming down that hill too fast, you can mash the breaks and you might bust a line or the air might give out, anything can happen," he said.

Thomas says a tip for car drivers, is if you're coming down a gradient and you're next to a truck, stay in your lane and don't cut them off.

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