Virtual reality labs allow visual learning in Tuscaloosa County

The zSpace virtual reality lab at Brookwood High School, Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016. (

The days of learning out of a two-dimensional textbook may be limited. Virtual reality machines can bring information to life.

Tuscaloosa County high schools now have new zSpace VR machines that enable students to manipulate realistic 3-D images relating to the human body, animals and even mechanics.

"This is our brand new zSpace learning lab. We have 10 student lab computers set up. This is a Virtual reality system," Brookwood High School Science teacher Misty Lewis explained while giving ABC 33/40 a tour of the new zSpace lab.

Images appear on the screen and 3-D glasses enhance the picture to VR. Students can dissect body parts without using real organs.

The zSpace lab will be used by science, math and technology classes at Tuscaloosa County high schools. The Tuscaloosa County School System believes the Virtual Reality lab brings real world applications to life in the classroom.

"There's a lot of activities for Anatomy and the Life Sciences. You can look at a cell, you can look at parts of the human body," Lewis said.

"I think it reaches out to visual learners more and it's a great way for people to learn," Brookwood High Senior Ally Holliman added.

The Tuscaloosa Board of Education has approved zSpace to be installed in all 6 high schools in the county.

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