WATCH | A $1 way to make your home more secure

Stoney Sharp reports.

A Northport burglary victim shares all, from feeling frightened to violated.

"..that something personal to you has been handled or taken by someone you did not give that permission to," the burglary victim told ABC 33/40 News. "I'm finding it difficult to trust others after this has happened."

But what if you can keep a crook out with a quick visit to the hardware store?

Many burglars enter homes by kicking in the door. You can add extra reinforcement to your door by replacing the two, standard, small screws on a faceplate--with two, number 8, three inch screws that cost only cost $0.16 each.

"You see the difference between the 5/8 inch screw which only goes into the trim member itself but the three inch screw actually goes into the framing member behind the dry wall," Alabama Fire College Executive Director Matt Russell explained.

According to Russell, one firefighter can breach a door with the short screws. Not so--with the longer ones.

"Sometimes it requires at least a couple of firefighters to assist in breaching that door," Russell said.

The $1 security system. Causing a frustrated burglar to keep moving.

"I think anything you can do to protect your property, home, and family is a great idea," the Northport burglary victim added.

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