With Gov. Bentley out, what is next for Alabama?


With former Gov. Robert Bentley out of office, former Lt. Gov., now Gov. Kay Ivey is taking over.

Ivey made statements moments after being sworn in Monday that has many people expecting change.

Rep. Allen Farley, quoted Ivey Monday saying, "this is both a dark day in Alabama and an opportunity for Alabama."

She takes over the reigns of government, after former Republican Gov. Robert Bentley had an emergency hearing, to execute his plea deal with the state.

One of the people who brokered that deal, Special Assistant Attorney General Eleanor Brooks.

She says Bentley's actions as Governor put a national spotlight on our state.

"It's embarrassing, it's not representative of who the people of Alabama are, we deserve better. The legislature has spent an incredible amount of time on this issue, when they could have been working on other important issues," Brooks said.

Representative Farley says it's time to put this scandal behind them and get back to work.

"We've got to be the voice of the people, we've also got to be the eyes and the ears and the heart, we've got people down here with all of the credentials," Representative Farley said.

He says one of those people is Governor Ivey.

"We're going to give Governor Kay Ivey every benefit of every doubt. We're going to hope that she just cuts loose with abandon, she cleans house; she keeps those that she feels can do the best job and if there are some that have been around Governor Bentley that she feels that she can replace them with somebody better, then that's her job to do it," Representative Farley said.

Until then, people will remember this historic day.

"It is a dark day, this is just a continuation of bad things that have happened in Alabama politics over the last several years," Representative Farley said.

Governor Ivey says during her time, she wants transparency and honesty to be key in her administration.

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