Chicago man beaten in street for voting Trump: 'What happened to America?'

Chicago police looking for group who beat man, stole car, yelled 'you voted Trump' (Photo: @kmscodi Twitter)

A man who was publicly beaten by a group of people in Chicago for supporting Donald Trump says he doesn't feel safe in his neighborhood after his attackers stole his car.

David Wilcox was seen on camera getting punched and kicked on the ground after he was involved in an accident near a bus stop.

People are heard shouting, "you voted Trump!"

(WARNING: Video contains graphic language)

"The car pulled up next to me. We side-swiped each other," Wilcox explained to the Chicago Tribune, describing his attackers as African American.

He shows the reporter some of the bruises and cuts on his body.

The 49-year-old said people at the bus stop said, "ya that's one of those white boy Trump supporters."

"Then, the next thing I know, the guy said, ''don't worry about it, we're gonna beat his ass."

Wilcox said he felt a group of people surround him on the ground.

(WARNING: Video contains graphic content)

"So what if I support Trump?" he said to a reporter after the beating.

"What happened to America? You're supposed to be able to vote in peace."

Community activists handed out flyers to people in the Chicago community asking people to help identify the attackers.

"Whether or not this individual voted for Trump or not, you must also think, just because he was a white American doesn't give you the right to just beat him just because he voted for Trump," said Andrew Holmes.

Police are still looking for the three men and two women who beat Wilcox and stole his car.

In an interview with 60 Minutes Sunday night, Trump said he was saddened by supporters making headlines for being hostile against minorities, telling them to "stop it."

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