Supporters back Pres. Trump despite unproven wiretapping claims against Obama

Supporters of the POTUS defended his recent attack against former President Obama, including Dave Batchelder, who said it could be a ploy.

People on the right and left had a lot to say about President Donald Trump's tweet.

A Pro-Trump rally in Hoover. A counter rally in Avondale. People who prefer the President's style of governing like his speak first, verify later approach. In contrast, some folks in this red state feel the POTUS doesn't comprehend the power of the highest office in the land.

It's been almost five months since President Trump won the White House. Dave Batchelder is not originally from Alabama but loves the amount of support the current President receives throughout the Yellowhammer State. Batchelder told ABC 33/40, "I have nothing but praise because thank God I am in Alabama because it is great."

Supporter gathered in defense of the 45th president. The POTUS asserted former President Obama wiretapped Trump Towers during his campaign without proof. Batchelder, said the current President could have a strategy. Batchelder believed President Trump felt his pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, may be unfairly scrutinized for talks with a Russian ambassador prior to the president entering the oval office. "Is he trying to fight fire with fire because everything about Sessions is fake," said Batchelder. "So he is trying to diffuse it, that could be a ploy."

Another man stood proud in his vote for the leader of the free world. Marlon Richardson explained, "We support our president, and that's why i'm here." Richardson stated his reasoning for backing the president in plain language ."For me as a black man, it's like this: the Democratic Party is like being in a relationship with someone you have been with for a long time and they take advantage of you," Richardson told ABC 33/40.

In Birmingham, at the counter rally, Carole Griffin said the president should tone down his rhetoric. Griffin stated, "I think attacks like that are very dangerous to democracy." Shea rives wants the president to search for more common ground. Rives said, "Now let's get to work figuring out how we feel about some of these things. And working together to make changes that we can agree on."

While stark in disagreement, people at the counter rally say he is still their president. They only said, they want their president to realize that he must acknowledge even the people who didn't vote for him.

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