Stidham, offense shine at A-Day

Jarrett Stidham (8). Auburn football A-Day game on Saturday, April 8, 2017 in Auburn, Ala. Dakota Sumpter/Auburn Athletics

Tops on the fans *wish list* for A-Day--seeing Jarrett Stidham *throw*. It's what they got.

Stidham finished 16 of 20 for 267 yards--the most any quarterback has thrown for at A-Day during Gus Malzahn's time as head coach. He had four plays of more than 30 yards.

"It was a blast. It's been a while for me so I had a lot of fun today," Stidham said. "Coach Lindsey is confident in me throwing down field so again it just goes back to we're going to do what we do best, whether that's RPO's or throw it down field, obviously running the football, we'll just take it how it comes."

"Being able to execute on those deep balls I feel like that's my strength so whenever we make those plays I was definitely fired about it," receiver Nate Craig-Myers said. "When a new quarterback comes in it takes time, but with him, it just is clicking so I feel like that's a big part."

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