Avery Johnson basketball camp picks up steam

More than 400 kids are a part of the Avery Johnson Basketball Camp, which is twice as many as took part in the camp in 2015 (

Avery Johnson's summer camp is underway at Coleman Coliseum, where approximately 400 kids were falling in line and learning basketball basics from the Tide coach.

The kids excitement and enthusiasm gets Johnson excited.

"You look at the numbers with our individual camp. I think with this camp we had maybe 175 the first year. We've doubled that amount going into year three, so I think that's a direct corrolation with what's been happing with our program, the anticipation, the enthusiasm, the excitement."

Former Tide players Levi Randolph, Retin Obasohan and Trevor Relaford are helping out as guest instructors at the camp. The current Alabama players including freshman Collin Sexton, John Petty, Herb Jones and Alex Reese are holding their own pickup games and building chemistry.

The Avery Johnson Basketball camp runs every day this week at Coleman Coliseum.

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