Friday April 18



Dry Ingredients!

6 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda (check expiration date first) 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 tablespoon kosher salt {}3 tablespoons sugar

PANCAKES: 2 eggs2 cups buttermilk 4 tablespoons melted butter

Splash water, if needed

2 cups dry ingredients1 stick butter, for greasing the pan 2 cups blueberries (or any other cool seasonal fruit - raspberries, blackberries, even chopped and chunked stone fruit works fine)Directions Combine all of the dry ingredients in a Tupperware container, and stash it in your pantry for up to a few months! You have instant pancake mix, with no artificial craziness in it.

To make pancakes:

Beat the butter and eggs and buttermilk in a bowl, and proceed to dump it right on top of two cups of the dry mix, in a separate bowl. Whip the ingredients until it's just barely combined - it will be lumpy and that is okay! If you try and whisk and whisk and whisk and whisk and whisk and whisk until all the lumps are gone, you will create gluten, and gluten means tough, chewy pancakes - no bueno! If the mix is really thick and stodgy, add a splash of tap water to loosen it up a little bit.


Butter your nonstick pan lightly and get to frying!

Ladle the pancake batter into the saute pan and sprinkle on fruit if desired. When bubbles begin to set around the edges of the pancake, flip 'em. Leave them on that side for about two minutes and you're good to go. Serve with a big dollop of whipped cream and some shredded mint, and if you're feeling fancy, a little homemade compote.