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      Friday February 12, 2016

      Forecaster: James Spann

      INICE WARM-UP TODAY: Temperatures will rise to near 60 degrees across North/Central Alabama this afternoon, but don't get used to it. A cold front passes through in dry fashion late in the day, and we turn sharply colder tonight.

      WEEKEND COLD SNAP: Despite sunshine in full supply, the high tomorrow will be only around 40 degrees, and we drop down into the low 20s early Sunday (teens are very possible for the colder valleys and protected areas).

      Sunday will feature a decent amount of sunshine with a high between 47 and 50 degrees. Clouds thicken quickly Sunday night.

      WET WEATHER EARLY NEXT WEEK: A wave will bring a soaking rain to Alabama Monday and Monday night; still some risk of a light "wintry mix" of sleet or freezing rain as the precipitation begins late Sunday night across far North Alabama, but models continue to trend warmer, and it looks just like a cold rain for most places. If we have any risk of icy travel early Monday, it will be over the far northeast corner of the state. And, even there the risk looks very marginal for now.

      Rain amounts could exceed one inch across North Alabama by late Monday night, thanks to a surface low that will track right on top of us. I guess some thunder is possible, but there is no risk of severe weather. And, the rain will end from west to east after midnight Monday night/early Tuesday morning.

      The sky becomes mostly sunny Tuesday with a high in the 50s.

      WARMER DAYS: A pattern change will bring mild temperatures to the state over the latter part of next week; looks like we will enjoy highs in the 60s Wednesday through at least Friday. The mild pattern should hold through the rest of February.

      See the complete seven day forecast here.

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