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      Thursday Evening April 28, 2016
      Forecaster: James Spann

      RADAR CHECK: We are seeing only a few isolated showers across South-Central Alabama on radar this afternoon; the northern counties are warm and dry with temperatures in the low 80s in most spots. Additional showers and storms could form over the southern half of the state this evening, mostly south of U.S. 80. North Alabama stays dry.

      TOMORROW: It looks like a dry day for most of the state; with a good supply of sunshine temperatures rise into the mid to upper 80s, making it one of the warmest days so far this year.

      THE ALABAMA WEEKEND: Models are trending drier. We will still need to mention the risk of a few widely scattered showers and storms Saturday, but most of the day should be dry, and temperatures rise into the low to mid 80s.

      A weather system will get closer Sunday, and while a few showers and storms are certainly possible, it looks more and more like the rain won't be too organized or heavy, and the sun should be out at times. Sunday's high will be right around 80 degrees.

      NEXT WEEK: The general pattern suggests dry and cooler weather for the state; highs most days will be in the 70s, and we could see lows in the 40s by the end of the week. A disturbance could bring a few light showers or sprinkles Tuesday night, but for now the chance of significant rain looks very low.

      RACE WEEKEND AT TALLADEGA: Tomorrow will be mostly sunny and warm with a high in the mid to upper 80s. Saturday, partly sunny with only a few widely scattered showers; most of the day will be dry. And, the weather stays warm with afternoon temperatures reaching the low to mid 80s. I don't think there will be many problems running the Sparks Energy 300.

      The good news is that it looks like showers and storms Sunday will be pretty scattered in nature. A very good chance they get in the GEICO 500, but a rain delay is still not out of the question. The high Sunday at the Superspeedway will be around 80 degrees.

      AT THE BEACH: About 7 to 9 hours of sunshine tomorrow and Saturday from Gulf Shores over to Panama City Beach; a few scattered storms are possible Sunday, but some sun is still likely at times. Highs in the 70s along the immediate coast, with 80s inland.

      ON THIS DATE TWO YEARS AGO: A total of 18 tornadoes touched down across North/Central Alabama, one person, 21-year-old University of Alabama swimmer John Servati, was killed in Tuscaloosa; there were about two dozen injuries elsewhere.

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