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      Sunday November 29, 2015
      Forecaster: Ryan Stinnett

      WET WEATHER RETURNS: Temperatures will be cooler today as clouds and even a few showers will be impacting North-Central Alabama. Scattered showers made their way into Alabama overnight and those are still around today. Heading out the door this morning, grab the rain gear to be safe as clouds and showers will increase in coverage throughout the day, and we should afternoon highs in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. Farther to the south, where there will be more sun, temperatures will once again climb into the upper 70s.

      ON THE MAPS: Cold air is not that far away from us in Alabama, and a cold front is positioned just to the north and west of the state. We continue to have a ridge in place with an area of high pressure centered over the Carolinas. This high continues to block the forward motion of the front which it why we will not be seeing the cold air invade Alabama just yet. By midweek, the ridge will lessen its grip on Alabama, and the cold front will finally slide into and through Alabama, which will finally deliver much cooler air into the state.

      THE LAST DAY OF NOVEMBER: The eleventh month of the year, will end on a wet note. For tomorrow, expect periods of rain, especially over the northern third of the state. The main shower activity will be along and north of the Interstate 20 corridor. The clouds and rain will once again keep highs tomorrow in the mid-60s for much of Central Alabama.

      HELLO DECEMBER: The wet and unsettled weather will persist as we roll right into the final month of the year. Scattered showers will be in the forecast for Tuesday as we remain mild with temperature well into the 60s and even a few lower 70s possible. With the front confined to North Alabama, the highest rain totals will come over the Tennessee Valley of far North Alabama, with lighter amounts to the south. Then as the ridge moves away, the front will finally slide through Alabama with the threat of showers for Wednesday as well. You will certainly be able to notice the temperature change with afternoon highs forecast to be in the 50s, and overnight lows sliding back down into the upper 30s and lower 40s. It looks like the cooler and drier air will settle into the state, with sunshine and returning and as of now sticking around into next weekend.

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