Etowah County man faces animal cruelty charges after shooting neighbor's dogs
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UPDATE-- The Etowah County Sheriff's Office served a summons to Ricky Gladden Tuesday morning for two counts of animal cruelty after shooting a nearby neighbor's dogs, killing one of them. 

According to Kaley and Jerry Richards, their dogs, Maverick and Mosely, got out the morning of November 12th, after their underground fence was damaged by construction workers putting in a pool. 

Kaley said the pair had never gotten out before--immediately causing concern. 

The sheriff's office says Gladden admitted to shooting the dogs and burying one on his property after the incident. 

The Richards believe they would've never known what happened to their animals, if one of the dogs hadn't made it back home. 

Gladden was served with a summons for his actions Tuesday, which is essentially the same as a warrant, without an arrest.

His court date is set for December. 


An Etowah County family is  mourning a beloved pet, after it and another dog were allegedly shot by a neighbor.

Kaley and Jerry Richards say one of the animals was shot multiple times and died.

The neighbor accused of shooting the Richards' family dogs is being charged with two counts animal cruelty, which is a misdemeanor.

The pair were  devastated after they found out their dogs, Maverick and Mosely, were shot Friday morning.

"It's already overwhelming. It's overwhelming to lose a pet, but to know he was shot and viciously," said Kaley.

Mosely made it home. Maverick wasn’t as lucky.

According to the Etowah County Sheriff's Office, they found him buried where he was shot--at the neighbor's house. 


"Their missing dog was shot and killed on the property and was buried there," said Stephen Hooks, the investigator on the case. 

Jerry then went to the neighbor's house with law enforcement to recover Maverick. 

"The man had to unbury him, so we could at least have him in our yard. If it wasn't for Mosely, we would still be wondering where out dogs went," said Kaley. 

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The sheriff's office says the neighbor admitted to shooting the dogs and claimed they were chasing his horses.

"He went out and shot a couple of rounds in the air. And they turned toward them, coming towards his son, so they shot the dog," said Hooks--recounting the neighbor's statement. 

Kaley doesn't believe her dogs would act that way. She questions why they were killed?

She's now concerned for the safety of other animals in the area. She said she doesn't want other children to go through what her child is going through now.

"She's asking where Maverick is because she sees Mosely with us. It's very hard," Kaley said about how her two-year-old is dealing with the loss. 

A criminal summons for two counts of animal cruelty were filed against the neighbor,  but had not been served as of Monday afternoon.

The sheriff's office would not identify the neighbor until the summons was given. 

ABC 33/40 attempted to get comment from the neighbor, evening knocking at his door. 

However, he declined to give a statement until speaking with his lawyer. 

According to investigators, there isn't a leash law in that part of the county, but there is a law about dogs roaming at large.

The family tells ABC 33/40 they have an underground fence, however it was damaged that morning while construction workers were putting in a pool. 

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