Stillman College initiative encourages black men to seek a better future
Stillman College initiative encourages black men to seek a better future. (abc3340){p}{/p}

The Stillman College Black Initiative Program received $100,000 from the Alabama Power Foundation Wednesday morning. The program was created to help black men secure a better future through leadership and community involvement.

"We can provide resources, so they don't have to work 40 hours a week while they're going to college, we can provide training so they know how to dress professionally and people don't fear them when they go in the elevator," said Dr. Cynthia Warrick, Stillman College President.

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More than 50 Stillman students are involved in the program. One example of the group's efforts in Tuscaloosa can be seen at the Stars Academy, where city students who have committed serious behavioral offenses are enrolled.

"They are now at alternative school for punishment, so it’s like we are just really giving them hope, cultivating and motivating them to get out of this place and don’t come back once you leave," said Ronnie Williams Jr., Stillman College student.

Williams shares some students have promised not to end up there again. Another mission of the program is  promoting black men in STEM.

"It's anywhere from 9-to-12 percent are represented in term of black males in STEM, and we understand that two percent are represented in education," said Demarcus Hopson, Executive Director Williams Institute for Leadership. 

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