141th anniversary for 16th St. Baptist Church

A standing testament of time in Birmingham will celebrate a milestone soon.{} Sixteenth Street Baptist Church will celebrate its 141st anniversary on Sunday, April 13, 2014.{} The President of Miles College, Dr. George T. French, Jr., will serve as the keynote speaker for the morning worship service.{} It is scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m.{} The Miles College Choir will render the music for the service."Last year much of our emphasis was on the 50th anniversary of the church bombing, but each year we are grateful to see another year that the church continues to thrive, this year being no different.{} With the grace of God, Sixteenth Street has persevered since 1873 and has weathered through some very tumultuous days.{} However, we stand today as a testimony of God's love and restoration and we are extremely excited to share this celebration with Dr. French and the Miles College Choir; Miles College has stood strong as the only HBCU in the Birmingham region," said Rev. Arthur Price.{} Reverend Price is the church's pastor.{}{}

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