3 dead after fatal accident - hunt is on for suspects


    Birmingham Police and U.S. Marshals are still on the hunt for two suspects after a robbery that led to a high speed chase and a crash, killing a family in west Birmingham.

    "We were coming down 269, me and my husband, and we noticed the wreck just happened," Diane Gipson, a witness said.{}"We noticed a police chase going on and the white Tahoe hit this car at the red light."

    Diane Gipson and Chris Ennis, were two of the first people trying to help the three victims.

    "There was a man a woman and a kid in the back -nobody was helping them," Gipson said.{}"We went over there to the accident and the man had a pulse."

    Police tell us, two black male suspects were involved in a robbery in Cordova and sped off in{}a white{}SUV leading several police agencies on a chase through Dora, Adamsville, McDonalds Chapel, and Wylam. A Jefferson County deputy located them and when he tried to turn around, his car flipped. He's being treated for injuries. The{}SUV plowed into the car carrying a man, a woman, and infant.

    "There were three people in the car," Chris{}Ennis, a witness said.{}"Three of them looked like they were deceased. It was terrible. A terrible situation."

    Birmingham police tell us, the suspects inside the{}SUV took off into the woods and the U.S. Marshals and K9 units were called in.

    "We have{}recovered one weapon," Sgt. John Callahan, Birmingham Police said. "We believe there's another they have, so they are possibly armed."

    Just before midnight, Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies raided a house near the scene but couldn't find the suspects there. They spent the rest of the night combing through an area near Wylam - just south of the accident site.

    "The death of anybody is tragic but when it's young kids involved and victims that are hurt as a result of people's reckless actions - it's hard on us to work an investigate it," Sgt. Callahan said.

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