UPDATE: 911 operator coached family through birth

Wynter Mariah Dobbins

In a time when a lot of people were stuck on the side of the roads or in massive traffic jams, another emergency was happening in Birmingham.{} While dispatchers were sending emergency crews to a total of 189 accidents Tuesday, medics were sent to 689 Brussels Circle.{} Darshay Jones was going into labor.

"I was originally due on Valentine's Day," said Jones. "My mind was going everywhere."

While the emergency responders were en route to she and her boyfriend's house, they were involved in a crash.{} The dispatcher stayed on the phone with the family and instructed Jones to stay calm and breathe.{}

"She asked me, 'Have you ever done this before? I said no. We are going to learn this together,"' said Birmingham Police dispatcher{} Keniquia Rutledge.

Rutledge said she coached Jones and her boyfriend through the birth.

Jones and her baby girl, they now call Wynter, are doing well at UAB Hospital's Women and Infants Center.

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