A soldiers wife turns love poems into music

As Susan Kritner reads her husband's words, tears start to come to her eyes. "I'll always be here for sure, but in so lonely and I hate being without you," says Kritner. She says, "This is for our country but what about me and you."{}

Kritner spends this Veterans Day alone, while her husband, Cameron Kritner is in Afghanistan on a special assignment. Kritner is commissioned by the Air Force and helps save other soldiers lives. He's been away since may, but this isn't his first time overseas. In fact, it's his fifth. That's why he and his wife use letters, and e-mails to stay in touch with each other.

Kritner says, "I get to hear from him about every other day, so it's extremely emotional when you don't hear from him for more than 24 hours."

She was so moved by her husband's poems and letters, she turned his words into songs, with the help of her brother, Chris, who wrote and sang the songs. Kritner's nieces and nephews are also featured in the songs. Those songs have made their way to YouTube and now have hundreds of views.

They've also allowed other wives of soldiers to reach out to her. "There's so many that are going exactly through what we are going through and I'm so proud to e his wife and so proud{} he's fought for our country."

To listen to the music you can click on the links below.

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