Alabama AG Luther Strange disagrees with gay marriage ruling, acknowledge it as 'law of the land'

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange (, File)

News ReleaseOffice of Alabama Attorney General Luther StrangeMONTGOMERY, Alabama - In response to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision declaring the traditional definition of marriage to be unconstitutional, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange offered the following statement. "Today the United States Supreme Court overturned centuries of tradition and the will of the citizens of a majority of the States in declaring that Alabama and the rest of the nation must legally recognize same-sex marriage ," said Attorney General Strange. "Chief Justice Roberts agreed with our amicus brief that 'a State's decision to maintain the meaning of marriage that has persisted in every culture throughout human history can hardly be called irrational.' "While I do not agree with the opinion of the majority of the justices in their decision, I acknowledge that the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling is now the law of the land.{} Short of the passage of a Constitutional Amendment protecting marriage as between one man and one woman, the U.S. Supreme Court has the final say. "But while the states are now required to recognize same-sex marriage, I expect the focus will now turn to the exercise of one's religious liberty.{}{} I will continue to defend the religious liberties of Alabamians and ensure that people and businesses honoring their religious beliefs are protected." {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {}Congressman Robert Aderholt:"The Supreme Court's decision regarding same-sex marriage today is greatly disappointing, and I share a heavy-heart with many of my fellow Americans.{} I believe with this decision the court has crowned itself the arbiter of social and cultural change, rather than just simply interpreting the law. "One of my chief concerns with this decision is the impact it could have on religious freedoms in our country.{} Will this decision be used by the Federal Government to force churches, religious organizations and religious educational institutions to{}violate their core{}convictions? "I believe this ruling will eventually force a showdown between citizens who support the First Amendment and those who don't.{}{} The First Amendment says the Federal Government will not deny the free exercise of religion.{} However, I fear this ruling will lead to exactly that situation. "I will be working with my conservative colleagues in Congress to ensure that the Federal Government does not use this ruling{}to further endanger our religious liberties."{}{} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {} {}{}
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