Alabama ranks as one of the top states in the nation for domestic violence

{}Former Birmingham Police Chief Annetta Nunn says a domestic violence call is the most dangerous call a police officer will make. {}Alabama ranks as one of the top states in the nation for domestic violence related deaths. {}"For 3 out of 5 years, Alabama was in the top ten and at one point we ranked number two in the nation as far as women who were killed by their partners," Annetta Nunn, Former Birmingham Police Chief said.Just days ago, a two year old died at Children's of Alabama. His mother's boyfriend is charged with his murder. {}The same week, Victoria Morrow died at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. Just two days before, Hoover Police responded to a domestic violence call between the two. {}"Before she could even get something done, something was done to her," Mya Morrow, the victim's daughter said.Former Police Chief Annetta Nunn who now works with domestic violence victims at the YWCA says - as a law enforcement veteran - a domestic violence call is the most dangerous. Multiple officers respond - but a heated argument can easily turn back on the officer. {}In fact, just Thursday, body camera video was released after an Arizona police officer was killed in the line of duty. Officer Tyler Stewart was responding to a domestic violence call when retaliation turned on him. {}"You mind if I pat down your pockets really quick?" Stewart said to the suspect in the video. "You don't have anything in here?" Then the video shows the suspect shooting and killing the officer. He was shot by the suspect in the head and back - who then turned the gun on himself."The sickest, saddest thing," A neighbor said.Programs like the YWCA are helping women identify the signs before it's too late. {}"They're 75% more likely to be killed once they leave that relationship," Nunn said. "They need to have a plan in place - even if they're not ready to leave they need to know they need to have documents in a secure area so they don't have to return back to that residence to get them. Someone they trust - they need to tell them about what's going on and have a signal in case they can't make a phone call or give a full conversation so that person knows they're in danger."Here is a link to more resources:{} (source: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, YWCA){}-Nationally, four women lose their lives each day at the hands of an intimate partner.{}-One in 10 calls to police about domestic violence is made by a child in the home.{}In Alabama:{}-Last year in Jefferson County, 5,279 people were assaulted, raped or killed by someone who claimed to love them. In Alabama, 35,701 were victims of the same crimes.{}-Last year, 79% of domestic violence victims in Alabama were females and 21% were males.{}
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