Alabama School of Fine Arts

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a partiallyresidential public school authorized and funded by the Alabama Legislature toprovide tuition-free instruction to impassioned students, grades 7-12.{} The school provides focused specialtyinstruction in Create Writing, Dance, Math and Science, Music, Theatre Arts,and Visual Arts, plus core academic courses necessary to earn an Alabama highschool diploma.{} Admission is by auditiononly.

Today on Talk of Alabama, David Keener, the Chair of ASFA Dance Department discussed the advantages of training in a professional theater. The Alabama School of Fine Arts stresses the unique advantage of professional dance training all while attending regular academic classes in the same school.

The next opportunity to enjoy a dance performance presentedby the ASFA Dance Department is Friday and Saturday, November 22ndand 23rd at 7:30 PM and Sunday, November 24th at 2:30 PMin the beautiful Dorothy Jemison Day Theater on ASFA's campus.{} Tickets can be purchased online through ourweb site:

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