Star witness collapses during Anniston councilman Ben Little's trial, rushed to hospital

A key prosecution witness in the case against Anniston City Councilman Ben Little{}was rushed to the hospital while on the witness stand.

Little is accused of violating the Manager-Council Act, ordering a city employee to give him surveillance video of a theft of 2 trailers from the Department of Public Works. City council members are barred from directing city employees. Individual council members are not to conduct investigations. They are to be handled by the City Manger.

James Fluker, who reached out to Little about rumors of alleged wrongdoing in the department, was being cross examined by defense{}attorney Raymond Johnson when he collapsed from an apparent seizure. Fluker had testified earlier that his memory had been impacted by a brain tumor.

Fluker was taken to Regional Medical Center for treatment. After testimony resumed with other witnesses, Judge Mannon Bankson told the court Fluker had checked out ok, and would be released from the hospital. However,{}The Calhoun County Sheriff's Department says Fluker was admitted, and attorney Johnson says testimony is on hold until Fluker is able to resume his testimony, possibly on Friday.

A taped police interview of Fluker was played where{}Lt. Allen George{}asked him if Councilman Little ordered him to get him a copy of the surveillance tape. Fluker said yes. On cross examination, Lt.{}George admitted he used the word "ordered" not Fluker, but he believed Fluker understood the line of questioning.


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